We are commited
to reducing
our footprint.

To sustain the environment.

Our commitment for a sustainable future is based on solid projects, virtuous actions and conscious behaviour.
We defined clear safety purposes, which are implemented in every department. We guarantee the compliance of our products based on health, safety and environmental standard required by the authorities and by the customers.

We developed an entire product family based on fluorine-free chemistry and we are constantly looking for new environmentally friendly solutions to maintain a high-quality level.

We are working on a medium-long term business plan to keep reducing our emissions and evaluating the environmental impact of our activities. All of this is made to provide our customers the most updated information about our sustainable commitment.

During the R&D phase, we always keep in our minds the sustainable parameters of the raw materials and final products, in order to give our customers the possibility of obtaining more power efficiency and less polluting emissions.

We also implemented a plan which will allow us to cover 1/3 of our power demand with green energy, produced by two photovoltaic systems.