Research & Developments

Research and Developments:
our driving

We never settle; we always keep experiencing.

Our attitude for innovation is the motivation to our development. The structure flexibility allows everyone to align and assimilate rapidly, in order to find the tailor-made solution for each customer demand. All of this with a customized approach and the support of cutting-edge devices.

We analyze the rising markets and industries, defining similarities with our assets, planning medium-long term targets to increase customers’ fulfilment level and expand our business.

The R&D structure reflects our working method.
The first laboratory is oriented to research activities: the place where the products are developed, where we improve our core technologies, approaching a sustainable and “green” chemistry. The second laboratory is focused on the quality control: we ensure that each product follows its specifications. The third laboratory is based on application activities: in cooperation with our customers, we test our products with the aim of obtaining the best solutions for each challenge.

The cooperation with Universities boost our research skills.
We work with different research centers from the most outstanding Chemical Universities, as Padua, Pisa and Florence. We focus our resources to be always one step ahead with the most updated innovations and to be considered as leader in different market sectors as textile, plastics, stone and tile, wood, etc.

Our commitment and dedication enable us to file different patents, allowing us to inhance our intellectual properties.